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I saw them perform May 5, 2000 after midnight in Ocean City on my birthday. She was dressed in a sleeveless black top, tight red leather pants - and a matching red V-shaped guitar. I have never had so much fun at a rock concert in my life - and I have been to quite a few.Her lyrics are pretty much the kind of language little kids use on playgrounds when adults aren't around, college kids use in their dorms, and we adults don't use around either of them.Later, if you feel like it, this one will complete the set for the time being.With luck, she will find her muse again before her next CD.This is where bazoocam gets interesting : since people use webcams on this site, you can see who you are chatting with in a second.

I was stunned by Mary Prankster's first CD, "Blue Skies over Dundalk". Regrettably, although pleasant, her new album "Roulette Girl" lacks the drive, the wit, and the drug-induced hallucinations of "Blue Skies".

And that’s how the concept of videochat was formed!

Bazoocam includes a list of cool features, such as the geolocalization algorithm that pairs you with people that live close to you.

15, 1999Somewhere between the Dead Milkmen and Ani Di Franco on the musical spectrum, Mary Prankster saturates sped up, country twanged songs with her all-at-once vicious and vivacious lyrical musings. But you had the feeling she could be, if she wanted to. Much easier than driving to a record store and paw through racks for half an hour.

Her vocal technique can be abrupt and her lyrics unrelenting, but the humor and wit Mary Prankster sprinkles over all her songs shine through with a clever, feminist glow. 21, 1999There's something about Mary Prankster all right, something that truly stands out, and it isn't merely that the Annapolis-based punk-folk-pop-rock singer has Betty Boop's looks and Alanis Morrisette's tongue. For the life of me, I can't understand why she wasn't more popular. I happened upon this group when I went out to see Jimmy's Chicken Shack at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. They played a couple of tracks off her album and it was good. When it arrived, I had the best time listening to it.

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