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The market divides into four main areas – dating holidays, where the aim is to party all night; the much larger market for single people who want to meet up with others with similar interests but don’t want to feel obliged to pair off with somebody; destinations aimed at ‘independent single travellers’ that may well be suitable for couples as well; and escorted tours where everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive at the airport. You can find resorts competing to be the ‘biggest singles resort in the world’.There is even a string of ‘hedonism’ escapes that promise a ‘hip vibe’ and are explicitly aimed at swinging singles.Then 15 minutes after I got to the hotel I had my answer - this is DEFINTELY the group I want to travel with! I was apprehensive about going on holiday with people I didn't know, but by the middle of the first day I no longer felft I was on holiday with people I didn't know!

What all these companies offer is a get-together on the first night and the opportunity to dine with the rest of the group and to go on excursions together.In our eighteen years, we have welcomed thousands of solo travellers together with the most inspiring destinations and creating life changing experiences."This was my first experience of singles holiday and what a brilliant time it was, I met up with fellow travellers at the airport and we all got on well from the start.There are usually 12 to 16 in a group, with women tending to outnumber men.Often this kind of holiday is based on an activity, such as walking or yoga.

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