Invalidating session on browser close interacial central dating

I wouldn't have a good way to identify them without quite a bit more code on our end I think.

If anyone has a relatively simple solution I'm all ears though.

I would suggest returning false from attempt if auth.attempt event explicitly returns false.

This would be a more general solution as you could hook into the attempt event and fail it on your own conditions.

Everyone doing their own way, I use a timed token which stores a datetime and a random string, and the user from the user security page can delete the token of other machines at this way u can logoff your phone from your computer.

This proposal made me thinking, I personaly should remove the whole auth from a framework but Laravel pretty awesome with it and extends the programers life span as well, but for the truth more and more end user uses multiple device at the same time (pc phone tablet) and this feature looks like a useful addition.

This could be fixed by using login Using Id($recaller), then the auth.login is also fired on cookie logins.It would be very neat to list in the web app all user active sessions, and for user to be able to destroy them.Also last commit I don't completely understand how to retrieve user session?It would be nice to be able to do so, for example a button to logout all users or whenever you change your password, reset existing sessions.I see that this probably isn't really easy in the way it currently is, but perhaps en extra 'token' field with a random string, that is also stored in the session/cookie, as en extra check besides the user id?

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