Giving up on dating

Yes, gut feelings matter, but you're listening to a nervous gut rather than letting it relax.

Of course, if a date is totally off-putting — someone who talks only of himself or herself, asks no questions about you, is rude to you or others, has obnoxious habits — that person's a writeoff.

A first date is only an introduction, with both sides likely to be somewhat nervous.

Humour and personal history are more likely to start to be revealed when you meet someone a second and third time.

Recently I had another False Start date, and I concluded I need a break from dating.

This guy was a year younger than me, and had a job involving writing.

Sometimes I will meet someone who ticks off all the boxes (stable, employed, emotionally available, etc.), but I just don't feel that first-date spark that I've felt in the past when I first met previous long-term partners.Besides, even if not a match, the person may have a friend for you who is.My boyfriend's cruising for dates Q: My boyfriend and I moved in together a month ago.A: Your sign-off "Ship Jumper" reveals something you don't actually say: Dating frightens you.It's more a race to the finish line, than a journey for you …

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