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On that day, Mc Cartney had attempted to rah-rah-rah his downbeat colleagues into recapturing their fire.

He suggested they tour small clubs, where the band — which had last performed for a paying audience more than three years before — could turn up unannounced or billed under a pseudonym.

I want a divorce."Following this jaw-dropping declaration, the three signed the contract "in a bit of a daze," according to Mc Cartney.

All involved would look back on this as the moment when the illness affecting The Beatles finally became terminal.

In the autumn of 1969, the Mc Cartney family was in Argyll, Scotland, "hiding away in the mists," as Paul puts it.

For the first time in his life, he felt utterly worthless.

Everything he had been since the age of 15 had been wrapped up in the band.

Mc Cartney, his wife Linda, the newborn Mary and Linda's child from her first marriage, shy Heather, only 6, had escaped to High Park Farm, far from London and the heavy weather of intra-Beatle feuding. Mc Cartney had bought the run-down farmhouse, set amid 183 acres of rough, windswept Scottish landscape, in June 1966, the year he became a millionaire.

Revving up a generator, he put together an ad hoc four-track recording facility in High Park's rickety lean-to, which he named Rude Studio.

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He wouldn't budge on the street date and, ultimately, "Let It Be" was pushed to a May 8 release. Did he see himself writing songs with Lennon in the future? In the fallout, the Mc Cartneys once again ran away to Scotland, and, on a bright, cold December day, Mc Cartney stood high on a hill overlooking Skeroblin Loch at the end of a long walk and a deep conversation with his attorney father-in-law, Lee Eastman. He had decided that it was time to legally kill The Beatles.

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